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Breakthrough Development for Bellinturf in the High-end North European Market

Author: qinghe Time: 2018-03-29 16:28:54

In March 2018, Beijing, Embassy of Finland, witnessed by Mr. Sampo Terho, minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport, Mr. Yu Kang, the chairman of Bellinturf formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the president of Finland L* Company. The signing of this agreement will tremendously accelerate the development of Bellinturf sports products in Northern Europe.


This will also promote the industry status and popularity of Bellinturf in the European sports market, enabling them to supply high-end, high-quality, high-standard artificial turf to customers in the target European market, while also providing a more innovative product portfolio.

Finland L* Company, is devoted to the development of sports turf products, focused mainly on manufacturing playgrounds and sports equipments and installing sports venues pavement, and they are professional and influential in the field of sports turf in Europe. Bellinturf, as a FIFA-licensed manufacturer and a leading turf manufacturer supplying sports venues, This strategic cooperation will be beneficial to  closer and deeper bilateral cooperation and provide the best artificial turf products and all-round systematic solutions for artificial turf sports market in this area. We expect this to tremendously promote the future development of bilateral brands in Europe.

As a premier solution supplier for all sports-surfacing needs and a FIFA-licensed manufacturer, Bellinturf has been installing FIFA certified football turf pitch throughout Europe, Asia, America, Africa and so on. With more than ten models grass which have passed FIFA turf certification, with various grass and fillings, Bellinturf has developed high-end, uniquely designed football turf products using a cost-effective production system to meet the different needs of diverse customers.

Bellinturf, as one of the world's largest manufacturers of synthetic turf and integrated solution provider, has two large modern plants that located in China and Vietnam. The annual production capacity of Bellinturf cover more than 30 million square meters and yarn quantity spike to nearly 50,000 tons. Bellinturf artificial turf has successfully achieved the European CE certification and has been strictly compliant with regulations of EU ROHS (ROHS-No Hazardous substance) and passed a number of REACH tests (Reach-No 181 substance of high concern) related to hazardous heavy metal and hazardous materials. While considering environmental health, Bellinturf sports products have a top-class surface, excellent playing characteristic, extensive durability. Bellinturf will continue to focus on the production and development of sports turf, providing a high-end professional sports experience and enjoyment for their customers. Bellinturf is the most reassuring choice for the target customers, splendid sport, beautiful world!