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Bellinturf provides professional sports grass, include football, hockey, rugby, tennis and Multi-sports grass and meets the standard of FIFA, ITF, etc.

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Almost every game of hockey is now played on artificial grass hockey turf fields. As an FIH (International Hockey Federation) certified manufacturer and comprehensive solution supplier, Bellinturf hockey turf systems meet diversified requirements for different levels of applications including top-level professional hockey games and competitions. From the global to the national level, Bellinturf hockey turf systems will be a suitable choice. For sports grass, we are professional. For hockey turf, we are the innovator.
Design Concept

Bellinturf technical synthetic hockey product development has been focused on increasing the overall quality of safe and comfortable playing surfaces as well as increased durability. Bellinturf hockey turf systems meet all FIH standards including the true ball roll,ball rebound,impact response,etc. They are the perfect combination of playability, durability and performance.

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Product Description

Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd

Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd

Product Specification

Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial CO. , Ltd

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