Landscape Grass

Bellinturf landscape grass with natural colors, soft and fine yarn is the ideal replacement of natural grass. It is widely used for many different applications including residential, playground, public, DIY, etc.

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Natural grass grow fast in conditions of adequate temperature and rainfall which makes people inconvenience. Artificial grass is the best solution for some high temperature areas due to the less rainfall and restriction policy for planting natural grass.
Design Concept

The disadvantages of natural grass are that can’t keep green year round, high maintenance cost, limited selection.Artificial grass is beautiful and practical alternative for natural grass.

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Product Description

Landscape grass installs outside with a long light duration time. There is a strict requirement on anti-UV for artificial grass.3000-5000 hours are all available in Bellinturf for different kinds of landscape grasses.


Landscape grass has strict request on heavy mental and hazardous substance. Bellinturf landscape grass has passed the test and got REACH certificate.

Product Specification


soft grass

Soft grass

PE extrusive yarn,Diamond shape,suitable for Europe

Multicolor combination,soft, Plie height 20-40MM,suitable for courtyard, balcony,etc.

conventional landscape grass

 Conventional landscape grass

Matte landscape grass

Matte landscape grass

PE extrusive yarn,Diamond shape, Plie height 15-50MM

Characteristic: matte, super smooth surface,suitable for park, courtyard,supermarket, decorate,leisure,etc.

Imitated Natural Grass

Imitated Natural Grass
Imitated natural grass is almost the same as the natural grass which is combined with different shape yarns.


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